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Jiangyin YOBO
  Address:The 2nd,Huanxi road,                   Huashitown,jiangyin
                  city,jiangsu province
  Manager: Shen Jin Long
ZIP CODE:214421
WEB SITE:http://www.jntxtg.com
Flam retardant polyether polyol
(Flame,nomal retardant)high elasticity foam mixed materials
The hard bubble in half foam combination anticipates
Water dispersed polymer thane adhesive
Flam retardant polyether polyolYB-3081
Flam retardant polyether polyol YB3082
(Flame,nomal retardant)high elast icity foam mixed materialsYB-518X
The hard bubble in half foam combination anticipatesYB-718X
Flam retardant polyether polyolYB-3081
Product Brand No.: YB - 3081
Flame-resisting grade polyether polyol
I. Product brief-introduction
YB-3081 is composed by the special technics, which is polyether polyol specially used for flame-resisting grade polyurethane high spring foam plastic. The polyurethane foam plastic composed by taking it as base not only has higher carrying capacity and good spring performance, but also improves the foam hole structure of foam and the physical & mechanical performances. Especially, it has excellent flame-resisting performance: oxygen index 28%, low mist density, meets with the National Fire-control Standard and the British BS-5852 Standard. It is the ideal substitute of traditional POP, not only has all performances of POP, but also has the good flame-resisting function.
The density of foam products can be adjusted or controlled according to the customers requirement. Normally, it can be controlled in 40-70kg/m3 for module, 30-45 kg/m2 for block.
II. Quality index
Ivory stiff liquid
Specific gravityD2020
1.10 0.03
Hydroxyl value
26 2
Water %
Technical support::Jiangyin nameless science and technology  
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